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Practice to pass your official driving theory test faster

How long is the multiple choice theory test:57 minutes (50 questions)
How long is the hazard perception test:14 minutes (1 minute per clip)
How many questions are there on the theory test:50 questions (43 correct to pass)
The official website only provides two practice theory tests; that's often not enough to pass the multiple choice portion of the official driving test. To help you get all the practice you need, we have prepared 17 mock theory tests and the DVSA Theory Test Simulator. Practise the same kind of questions you'll be answering on the actual theory test: they're based on the Highway Code manual, cover the same topics and use the same scoring system used by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You’ll breeze through the real test when the big day comes.

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Be prepared in days, not weeks. Sure you can study the Highway Code, but they don’t give you a pass guarantee. We do. Pass using our fast and efficient method, or it’s free.

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How It Works

  1. Read the Highway Code manual

    We provide the most recent version which you can study online or download as a PDF so you can keep reading while you’re offline and on the move.

  2. Take engaging mock theory tests

    These 17 mock tests have been written to cover every section of the Highway Code, so master all of them, and the actual theory test will seem unbelievably easy.

  3. Take the Theory Test Simulator

    Our most advanced preparation tool. Designed to operate just like the official theory test, it displays a new set of test questions each time you take it.

  4. Pass your official theory test

    Aced the mock tests and sailed through the Simulator? Make an appointment with your local DVSA testing centre - you’re ready to pass on the very first try!

Based on the Highway Code

As Similar To The Real Exam As Possible


Some sites provide a mixture of UK Highway Code based questions with questions they consider based on driving common sense because it allows them to save money. We write all our tests from scratch, and all the questions come straight from the Code.

Up-to-the-minute precision

Our tests are written using the very latest version of the Highway Code. We also keep track of when a new version comes out, and make sure to update our questions as necessary so you’re never answering out-of-date questions.

Feels like the real thing. Because it is.

Our tests feel like the real theory test because they’re designed to – by taking information straight from the Highway Code and using the exact same structure, you face a practice theory test that’s as close to the real thing as it gets.

The perfect wingman for the DVSA Study Guide

The Clever Way to Get Ready

Prepare more efficiently

The Highway Code can be overwhelming and the DVSA Theory Test Guide for Drivers is helpful, but doesn’t necessarily mesh with the way that many people learn and best retain information.

Improve based on your errors

If you answer a question incorrectly, you’ll immediately be shown the correct answer, along with a complete, in-depth explanation of the answer, written by one of our experts, so you’ll understand the justification for the right answer. is the only UK practice theory test site that provides this.

Re-take the most complex questions

People struggle on different sections of the test and different types of questions. Maybe you can’t remember certain fines for infractions, or maybe your downfall is distances. is the only UK practice test site with the Challenge Bank™, which is designed to help you tackle those questions you answered incorrectly. It saves them and allows you to come back and keep trying until you answer them correctly.

Learn What’s Ahead

Knowledgeable theory test prep, to provide you with control, not conjecture

Built like the real theory test

With the exception of our specialized tests, all our tests contain the same number of questions and require the same passing rate as the “real thing.” They’re designed not just to familiarize you with the material, but also to prepare you for what to expect at your DVSA appointment.

No more fear of the unknown

Our tests are designed to make every question you might face feel familiar, so you won’t have that fear of the unknown that so many new drivers feel during their test. Instead, you’ll just feel confidence.

Easier to study when it's fun

We try to make it easier to stay motivated and on track with our little compliments and suggestions. It may seem a bit daft that the website is “talking,” but we actually wrote each phrase, so we’re really the ones encouraging you – we believe you can do this!


Proof that learning can be enjoyable

The game of learning to drive

Studying for your theory test doesn’t have to be a repetitive process of trying to slog through the study guide and Highway Code. Our driving tests turn it into a game, keeping your interest and knowledge retention levels up.

Play vs. study

Almost everyone would choose to play. That’s why we’ve turned studying into playing, so that you’ll want to keep playing until you’ve mastered all the levels. In the process, you’ll be completely prepared for your theory test.

Offline, online, on the go

Thanks to our free app, you can keep playing anywhere, including offline. If you’re stuck waiting somewhere, now you can make the most of that time and take practice theory tests, just using your smartphone. The app contains all the same tests we have on the website.

How to get a driving licence in the UK

UK Driving Licence
It costs £34 to apply for a provisional driving licence if applying online, or £43 if applying by post. You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta debit or credit card. The DVSA allows you to apply for a provisional driving licence when you’re 15 years and 9 months old. You’ll need to pass your theory test (remember to book online or in person). To complete your application, you will need a valid UK biometric passport or another identity document. You'll also be required to provide your National Insurance card and the addresses you’ve lived at over the last three years. It usually takes from one to three weeks for your provisional licence to arrive.

Practice offline and on the go with our free Theory Test Genie app:

Compare to Other Sites

 Official SiteOther Mock Theory Test Sites
Free & Registration-FreeYesVariesYes
Mobile AppsYesVariesYes
Multiple Mock Theory Tests22-310+
Highway Code ManualMost recentOften outdatedMost recent
Driving Licence FAQYesNo100+ questions
Question-Level FeedbackFor the whole testFor the whole testFor each question
Hints & ExplanationsNoNoYes
Multiple Difficulty LevelsNoNoEasy, Hard, Hardest
Show Me Tell Me TestNoNoYes
Fines and Limits TestNoNoYes
Marathon TestNoNoYes
Exam SimulatorNoNoYes
Challenge BankNoNoYes

UK Driving Licence: Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Apply for my UK Driving Licence? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • At what age can I apply for my provisional driving licence in the UK?

    The DVSA allows you to apply for a provisional driving licence when you’re 15 years and 9 months old. You can start driving a car when you’re 17, or a moped when you’re 16. You’ll need to pass your theory test (remember to book online or in person).
  • What documents do I need when applying for my licence in the UK?

    A valid form of identification:
    • UK passport
    • UK birth or adoption certificate, but this must be accompanied by one of the following:
      • National Insurance card or a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) showing your National Insurance number
      • Photocopy of the front page of a benefits book or an original benefits claim letter
      • P45, P60 or pay slip
      • Marriage certificate or divorce papers (decree nisi or absolute)
      • College or university union card, school record or PASS CitizenCard
    • A biometric residence provisional licence (formerly known as the identity card for foreign nationals)
    • A UK certificate of naturalisation
    • An EU/EEA national identity card
    • Another travel document
    Your full legal name
    Your National Insurance number, if known
    Addresses where you’ve lived over the last 3 years
    D1 driving licence application form, which you can get from the official DVSA form ordering service or from a Post Office.
    Application fee — £34 if applying online, or £43 if applying by post
  • Where do I go to apply for my driving licence in the UK?

    You can visit your local DVSA office, or apply online or by post.
  • How can I contact the UK DVSA office?

    The DVSA office can be reached at 0843 515 8104 or by going online to
  • Who needs to accompany me for the theory and practical driving tests in the UK? A parent? A driving instructor?

    There are no requirements about who needs to accompany you.
  • Is a physical examination required to get a provisional licence in the UK?

    No, but the DVSA requires you to notify them if you have any eyesight problem or any other health condition that might affect your driving.
  • Do I need to take a vision test when applying for a UK driving licence?

    Yes, the DVSA requires you to take a vision test when you apply for a UK driving licence. You must have visual acuity of at least decimal 0.5 (6/12) measured on the Snellen scale (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary).
  • Where can I get a photo taken for my UK driving licence?

    You can get your driving licence photo taken at any studio that takes passport photos. In fact, you can apply with your existing passport photo, as long as it’s current.
  • What colours should I avoid wearing when I get my driving licence picture taken?

    There are no colours you should avoid. Wear any colour you like!
  • Do I need to put up my hair when I get my driving licence picture taken?

    You may wear your hair the same way you’d normally wear it; however, it should not cover your face or your eyes. The purpose of the photo is to be able to identify who you really are. Besides, you wouldn’t want to hide that charming face!
  • What makeup should I wear when I get my driving licence picture taken?

    Just wear your normal makeup; however, the less makeup, the better. As long as you’re not wearing so much makeup that you’re unrecognizable, you’ll be quite all right!
  • Why is it best not to smile when you’re having your driving licence picture taken?

    The DVSA says you must look straight into the camera without any smiling or frowning. A straight face on the photo helps distinguish who you really are, which helps prevent identity fraud.
  • What are some tips for getting the best out of the driving licence picture?

    Simply look straight into the camera and keep a calm and relaxed face!
  • I have already applied for my UK licence. What do I do next?

    If you’ve applied for your UK licence and passed the theory and practical driving tests, you will be issued a pass certificate, which will be valid until you receive your driving licence — usually within four weeks. You can track your application online via the DVSA website.
  • I have a question that’s not answered above. What do I do?

    If you can’t find the answer to your question above, please use our Beginner Driver Q & A Section to get a professional answer from our experts! If you need any further assistance, you’re welcome to contact us directly at
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Unlimited Theory Test Practice

Congratulations! You’re now one step closer to passing your official DVSA theory test. To help you get all the practice you need, we have prepared free mock driving theory tests that mimic the real test. Our questions are very similar (sometimes identical) to those in the official Driving Theory Test. Our mock tests use the same scoring system used by DVSA, which means you’ll feel confident when you take the real test. The tests are free, and we don’t require you to register.

Where do these test questions come from?
Are these the actual DVSA car tests / motorcycle tests?
Can I use the results of these tests with my car insurance company?
Which tests do I use?

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Zara Iqbal

Zara Iqbal


Me and my sister passed our theory test today first try! I got 45/50 on multiple choice and 57/75 on hazard perception (hazard awareness). The only thing we used to revise was this website. Revised two days before and still managed a decent score. Highly recommend learners to do all 12 mock tests as it helps a lot.

Waseem Ahmed, Nelson

Waseem Ahmed, Nelson


Just sat the theory test 2 days ago and passed. Suprised how many questions that came up were from this site, the only difference they are worded just slightly different, like literally one or two words! It’s all just about the practice and repetition, do that and you will breeze through the test!

Rich Campbell-Innes

Rich Campbell-Innes


TopTests literally saved me from failing. With this site I was able to practice the last 2 days before the test and pass first time with 49/50. I seriously recommend this site, saved me big time!

Richard Buxton

Richard Buxton


Passed my theory test largely thanks to learning through these tests rather than the DVSA app, which just tells you whether you pass or fail the mock test rather than telling you why answers are wrong. Definitely recommend this for anyone preparing to take their theory anytime soon.

Gracemore Masawi

Gracemore Masawi


I’m nearly 55 so when I failed my theory test first time I was gutted and I blamed myself for leaving it so late but because of this site I’m happy to say I passed on my 2nd attempt. For Theory test I got 46 out of 50 and hazard perception I got 63 out of 75. That’s an excellent pass for an over 50s granny. Thank you so much for your help.

J Raw Raymond

Tamaryn Lombard


Highly recommend doing all tests on this site a few times, helped me pass my theory test today. I can’t believe I passed, got 50 out of 50 on my theory and 61 out of 75 for my hazard perception. Owe this website a lot.