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Motorcycle Mock Theory Test 3

4.38 out of 5 • 8 votes.
UK driving licenceGaining a full motorcycle licence can open up a new world of freedom and opportunity. Before you can obtain your licence, however, you need to complete both a theory test and a two-part practical test. You can practise before your theory test with these 50 multiple-choice questions, based on the official motorcycle theory test questions from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Good luck!
Based on 2024 Highway Code
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How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

UK Highway Code

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UK driving licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. You are riding at night after a rainstorm. What effect will the reflection from the road have?
  2. An ambulance is behind your motorbike, and its blue beacon is flashing. What should you do?
  3. Traffic is moving slowly or at a standstill. What should you do if you are filtering through it?
  4. You are stopped at a pelican crossing. A disabled pedestrian is crossing slowly and is still crossing when the lights change to green. What should you do?
  5. The engine has warmed up, but you have forgotten to switch off the choke. What will result?
  6. You are riding your motorcycle in very bright conditions. What should you do when turning or changing lanes?
  7. You have just ridden through a flooded area of road. What should you test when it is safe to do so?
  8. You are riding your motorbike and feel very cold. What effect may this have on you?
  9. Which of these motorcycle components may have to be adjusted if you intend to carry a pillion passenger?
  10. Before riding onto a motorway, what should you always do?
  11. When should you be particularly on the lookout for cyclists or other motorcyclists?
  12. When the amber light is flashing at a pelican crossing, you must
  13. Which of these is the best surface on which to park your motorbike?
  14. It's a good idea to wear ear plugs when you ride your motorcycle because
  15. On the motorway, you pass a car on the hard shoulder which is displaying a 'Help' pennant. The driver of the vehicle is likely to be
  16. Signs giving orders must be obeyed at all times, but what do they usually look like?
  17. What is the national speed limit on motorways for motorcycles?
  18. You are riding in busy city centre traffic and wish to change lanes. Why would looking over your shoulder help?
  19. You are going to a party where alcohol will be available. You are planning to ride home afterwards. What should you do?
  20. Your tyre bursts while you are riding your motorbike. What should you do?
  21. You are planning on riding your motorbike abroad, in a country where they drive on the right-hand side of the road. What should you fit to your motorbike?
  22. You are riding your motorcycle in windy conditions. What should you do?
  23. Which of the following make(s) it easier for you to be seen by other road users?
  24. Why must a motorbike over 3 years old have an MOT?
  25. You are riding along a narrow and winding country road on a slow-moving scooter. What should you do?
  26. When riding at night, you should NOT wear
  27. You are towing a trailer behind your motorbike. What effect may this have?
  28. Which of these statements is true about young motorcycle riders?
  29. You have a provisional motorcycle licence. What can you not do?
  30. You should never tailgate on your motorcycle. What does tailgating mean?
  31. You are riding through a tunnel in congested traffic. If you have to stop, what should you do?
  32. It has been a very hot day. Whilst you're riding your motorbike, you may find that
  33. When riding in normal conditions, which lane position should you choose?
  34. There are strong side winds. Which of these vehicles is least likely to be affected by them?
  35. It is extremely cold outside. What can you do to make riding your motorcycle more comfortable?
  36. To ride your motorbike on public roads, what is the legal minimum insurance you must have?
  37. You are planning to overtake a large vehicle. Why should you keep well back from it?
  38. Schools have yellow zigzag patterns outside their entrances. What do they mean?
  39. Which of these vehicles is not permitted to use the right-hand lane of a motorway?
  40. The road you're riding on is wet. How much of a gap should you leave between your vehicle and the vehicle in front?
  41. The visor on your helmet has become badly scratched. What is the best remedy?
  42. What is the national speed limit for motorcycles on a single carriageway?
  43. What is the best way to gain basic motorcycling skills?
  44. It is beneficial to have mirrors fitted on both sides of your motorbike
  45. Overloading a motorcycle can be dangerous. Who is responsible for making sure that it isn't overloaded?
  46. You are riding behind a bus that pulls in at a bus stop. What should you do?
  47. You should use the motorway's hard shoulder if
  48. When can you use the hazard warning light on your motorbike?
  49. You are keeping well back from a larger vehicle as you plan to overtake it, but a car overtakes you and fills the gap. What should you do?
  50. It's nighttime and you are suddenly dazzled by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. What should you do?