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Motorcycle Mock Theory Test 4

UK driving licencePassing your motorcycle theory test allows you to progress to taking your practical motorcycle test. It is, therefore, the first stage in obtaining a full motorcycle licence. These practice questions are based on official questions provided by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), so they should be similar to the ones you will find on the actual motorcycle theory test. Good luck!
Based on 2024 Highway Code
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How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

UK Highway Code

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UK driving licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. You've been waiting to make a right turn into a side road. What should you do before you make the turn?
  2. You see 'KEEP CLEAR' on the road between vehicles. What should you be wary of?
  3. What is the best way to stop your motorbike in an emergency?
  4. Which of these can adversely affect the stability of your motorbike?
  5. What national speed limit applies to motorcycles on a dual carriageway?
  6. What should you do if you see a vehicle with a flashing green beacon?
  7. Where can you find a crawler lane on a motorway?
  8. What is true of a well-maintained motorcycle?
  9. As you approach a crossroads, a long vehicle in front of you is signalling to turn left. What should you do?
  10. Whilst riding, you see a diamond-shaped sign with a number on it. What kind of vehicle is this sign for?
  11. Your engine is running too quickly because you left the choke on for too long. This may cause a problem when
  12. You are planning on turning from a main road into a side road, but you see that some pedestrians are already starting to cross the side road. What should you do?
  13. You have passed your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). For how long does this last?
  14. While riding along a motorway, you see an accident on the other side. Your lane is clear of traffic. What should you do?
  15. A circular red sign depicts a motorcycle above a car. What does this mean?
  16. What may cause you to enter a skid?
  17. There are no speed limit signs, but there are street lights as you ride by. What is the speed limit?
  18. You should only use your horn
  19. White chevrons pointing to the right on a black background indicate what?
  20. What is the best thing to clean your helmet's visor with?
  21. A circular red sign with a white horizontal bar in the centre means what?
  22. If a school crossing patrol wants you to stop, how does the officer indicate this?
  23. Powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters used by disabled people have a maximum top speed of
  24. What is likely to affect the stopping distance of your motorcycle?
  25. You are taking cough medicine, and you're not sure whether it will affect your riding. What should you do?
  26. You are using a bulky tank bag to carry goods on your motorbike. What could be affected?
  27. You're in a large roundabout and planning to turn right. Before changing lanes to reach the exit, what must you do?
  28. You are at the scene of an incident where someone is unconscious. The person's breathing needs to be checked. For how long should this check be done?
  29. You see that a pedestrian waiting at a crossing has a white stick with a red band. This indicates that the pedestrian is
  30. You have ridden through deep water, and now you find that your brakes are not working properly. How can you dry them out?
  31. To carry a pillion passenger,
  32. Where would you find amber reflective studs on a motorway?
  33. What type of footwear is most suitable for riding your motorbike in hot weather?
  34. There has been a collision and somebody has suffered a burn. The burn should be cooled for at least
  35. Why is it more difficult to overtake a large vehicle than a car?
  36. You want to overtake a slow-moving tractor ahead of you, but you aren't sure whether it's safe to do so. What should you do?
  37. What should you do if you are waiting for a group of elderly pedestrians to cross the road?
  38. If you are on a motorway at night, you must always have your headlight on, except
  39. What kind of crossing allows cyclists to cross as well as pedestrians?
  40. You are convicted of riding your motorcycle after drinking too much alcohol. How may this affect your insurance?
  41. You have throw-over saddlebags on your motorbike. Why should they always be loaded evenly?
  42. There is a £100 excess clause on your motorcycle insurance policy. What does this mean?
  43. You are riding in foggy conditions. What should you do?
  44. You are at the scene of an accident. A person is not breathing, so you commence giving chest compressions. At what rate should these be given?
  45. The reflective studs that mark the boundary between the slip road and the motorway are
  46. Which of the following fastenings is not suitable for fastening your motorcycle helmet?
  47. You have obtained a full category A1 motorcycle licence. What does this allow you to ride?
  48. How can you improve your visibility when riding on a dull and damp day?
  49. An MOT certificate is usually valid for
  50. You are about to ride a motorcycle that is unfamiliar to you. What should you do?