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Take our second free mock theory test (updated for 2019) and find out whether you are prepared for the actual DVSA test. This test has the same structure as the DVSA exam. You need to answer 43 out of 50 multiple-choice questions correctly to pass. Each of the questions has 4 answers, only one of which is correct. While the real test has a time limit of 57 minutes, we do not use a timer here: the main goal of this test is to help you get familiar with the DVSA test format. If you’re not sure of the correct answer, click the Hint button (there’s one for each question). Please note, though, that there will be no hints on the real test: they are only here to help you practise! If you provide a wrong answer, the system will display a box with a short explanation of why your answer is wrong and which answer is right. You can check your progress in the grid on the left: correct answers are marked with green, and incorrect answers with red. Good luck!

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How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

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List of questions (classic view)

You are driving towards traffic lights that have been on green for a while. What should you do?
You are driving along when you see a hazard ahead. You should check your mirrors
You see people waiting at a pedestrian crossing. You should never wave them on to cross because
It has been raining and the road is wet. You should leave a ____________ distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
Which of these emergency vehicles might have a flashing blue beacon?
You are driving when you come across a pelican crossing that is flashing an amber light. This means that you
You are driving along when you come to an area that is flooded. You drive through it but then you need to dry off your brakes. How do you do this?
What is the typical stopping distance when travelling at 70 mph in good conditions?
Skidding is most often caused by
You are driving behind a long vehicle as you approach a crossroads. The long vehicle signals a right turn but moves over to the left side of the road. What should you do?
Overtaking a lorry is riskier than overtaking a car because
You break down on a motorway and need to call for assistance. Why might it be better to use the emergency roadside phone rather than your mobile phone?
The left-hand lane on a motorway is for the use of
You are driving along a road that is lit by street lights, but there are no signs to tell you what the speed limit is. In these circumstances, the speed limit is usually
Under what circumstances are you allowed to park on the right-hand side of a road at night?
What is a cover note?
When should you update your V5C?
You are towing a caravan and it starts to snake. How can you stop it?
Following too closely behind a large vehicle is not a good idea because
You are at the scene of an accident. What should you do?
You are at the scene of an accident. What should you NOT do?
Which of these will help to prevent neck injuries in the event of a rear-end collision?
If you park on the road at night, you should switch your parking lights on
It is important that you check tyre pressures regularly. This should be done
You are driving in very heavy rain. Your stopping distances are likely to be
You are approaching a roundabout on a main road. Yellow lines are painted across the road
Which of these emergency vehicles has a flashing green beacon?
You are driving behind a long vehicle when it reaches a crossroads. It signals left but moves to the right. What should you do?
Where can you find a crawler lane on a motorway?
On a motorway, there are reflective studs between each lane. What colour are they?
You are driving behind a tractor and would like to get past but you are not sure if it is safe to do so. What should you do?
How long is an MOT certificate usually valid for?
You are asked by a police officer to produce your documents but you do not have them with you. You must take them to a police station within
To be allowed to drive on the roads, a learner driver MUST
The trailer that you are towing starts to swerve and snake. You should
You want to tow a caravan. What can you do to help with the handling?
An older person's driving may be affected because
You are driving along when another driver does something that upsets you. You should
When you drive, you should wear sensible footwear because
Which of these might be badly affected if the tyres are underinflated?
You must NOT sound your horn in a built-up area
When are you allowed to wait in a box junction?
You are driving on a motorway in fog. You know where the edge of the left-hand lane is because you can see the reflective studs (cat's eyes). What colour are they?
You need to drive but it is very foggy. What should you do?
You want to make a U-turn in the road. Before you do so, you should
You intend to park within a 40-mph area, and there is traffic moving in both directions. At night, you should park
During and after torrential rain, the motorway is causing you visibility problems. Spray is affecting your view of the motorway and affecting general driving conditions. What should you do?
When you are driving towards an unmarked crossroads, how will you know if you have right of way?
When you are preparing to turn left off the road onto a side road, what should you be most wary of?
While you are travelling at a legal speed, another car behind you is trying to overtake you. Should you try to stop the driver from doing so?
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