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Mock Theory Test 1


This FREE Mock Theory Test contains 50 questions that are very similar (often identical!) to the real Driving Theory test.

Mock Theory Test 2

50 questions

Take this online theory test (50 questions) and pass the real DVSA Theory Test on your first try!

Mock Theory Test 3

50 questions

Practise this super-realistic mock theory test 2016 (50 questions) and get ready for the real DVSA Theory Test!

Mock Theory Test 4

50 questions

Serious about passing? Take this 50-question driving theory test online to prepare for your 2016 DVSA Theory Test.

Mock Theory Test 5

50 questions

Retake this online mock theory test 2016 as often as you want -- you’ll be amazed how close it is to the real DVSA Test!

Mock Theory Test 6

50 questions

Take this free theory test to get ready for your 2016 Driving Theory Test. Based on the most recent official DVSA Manual.

Mock Theory Test 7

50 questions

There’s no better way to prepare for your 2016 driving theory test! These mock tests are close to the real Theory Test.

Mock Theory Test 8

50 questions

Looking for driving theory test practice? You’ve come to the right place! Take this mock test to pass your DVSA exam.

Mock Theory Test 9

50 questions

The best theory test practice around! Get ready for your 2016 DVSA theory test and pass with confidence.

Mock Theory Test 10

50 questions

Practise this driving theory test online -- each of these 50 questions is based on the official 2016 DVSA Highway Code Manual.

Mock Theory Test 11

50 questions

Our new mock theory test is here! Based on the 2016 DVSA Manual, with direct references to the Highway Code.

Mock Theory Test 12

50 questions

Take this new 2016 Mock Theory Test to see if you’re ready for your DVSA exam! Based on the Highway Code Manual.

Show Me Tell Me Test

25 questions

This mock test contains the same ‘show me, tell me’ questions as are asked during the real driving test.

Signs & Rules Test

50 questions

This online mock theory test focuses on parking, lane usage, traffic signs, road markings, and general safety.

Fines & Limits Test

50 questions

This mock theory test covers everything from penalty points to endorsements; from where you can drive to where you can park.

Mock Theory Marathon

150 questions

Your last step before the DVSA exam -- 150 questions, the test won’t stop until you answer all of them correctly. Based on the 2016 Highway Code Manual.

Theory Test Simulator

Exam Mode

As close as it gets to the actual theory test. New questions every time. Unlimited skips. Same number of questions & same pass mark as the DVSA. No hints or explanations. Stops when you’ve passed/failed.

UK Driving Licence: Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Apply for my UK Driving Licence? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • At what age can I apply for my provisional driving licence in the UK?
  • What documents do I need when applying for my licence in the UK?
  • Where do I go to apply for my driving licence in the UK?
  • Where do I go to apply for my driving licence in the UK?
  • How can I contact the UK DVSA office?
  • Who needs to bring me for the theory and practical tests in the UK?
  • Is a physical required to get a provisional licence in the UK?
  • Do I need to take a vision test when applying for a UK driving licence?
  • Where can I get a photo for my UK driving licence taken?
  • What colours should I avoid wearing when taking the picture for my licence?
  • Do I need to put up my hair when having my driving licence photo taken?
  • What makeup should I wear when I get my UK driving licence picture taken?
  • Why is it best not to smile when taking your driving licence picture?
  • What are some tips for getting the best out of the driving licence picture?
  • I have already applied for my UK licence. What do I do next?
  • I have a question that’s not answered above. What do I do?
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I just wanted to say a MILLION thank yous to this site. I passed my test today 3/24/15 using only this site practicing all the mock exams. What was interesting and surprised me was that a lot of the questions were nearly exactly the same (verbatim) as what was on this site. Practice Practice practice ALL the mock exams on this site, it is excellent site, and you don’t need any other resources to pass this test. ~ Jane Kurz

Just want to say a big thank you to this site, only revised a week before the exam. I took my test today and PASSED 48 out of 50. I suggest you practice all the tests on the website before taking the test. An hour of revision a day is effective enough, too much will just bore you. Most of the questions will appear in the exam so practice everything untill you get it right. The questions will either be exactly the same as the website or might be worded slightly different so make sure you concentrate. THANK YOU TOP TESTS!!! ~ K Bostan

This website is incredible, I had left revision for my theory to the last two days, I found this website and only really used this website for revision and after two days of revision I had my test. I passed first time. Would recommend this website to any new learners.. :) ~ Faye Goldsworthy

Just passed my theory, this website was incredibly helpful! ~ Olly Jenks

It’s a wonderful place to practice your tests. I got 47/50, the very first time in theory test. I was amazed that all the 47 questions which I answered correct were in these tests. I would highly recommend it. It gives you confidence and speed. I finished my entire test in 6 mins and got 94%. ~ Rohan Srinivas

One week before my theory test I started using this website, and by simply completing three or four of these practice tests a night I passed my theory test with flying colours! It is much more interesting and productive taking these practice tests than sitting down and reading through the highway code every night that’s for sure! For anyone looking for the best way to revise for their test, look no further! ~ Andy Jones

Passed my theory today and practiced all night and morning failed my last theory but passed with this time 48/50!! Love this site, questions are very very similar if not the same also the official theory app and theorypro helped me pass with such a wonderful score.~ Sade Roberts

It’s surprising how similar the questions are to the real thing! I found out just yesterday that I had a theory test this afternoon, so I completed every mock test available on this website and passed achieving 46/50, because the questions were so similar! Highly recommend this website. ~ Lucy Sears

I want to say a big thank you to who created this website. I passed my theory test on 30/06/2014 ~ Janis Sucis

This site was my Bible! Answered the questions every spare 10 minutes I had until my test on Friday 4th of July. I passed! So, a big thank you to you, you really helped me. ~ Lin Harvey

Did my theory test on 4 July 2014. Thanks to TopTests I managed to get 50/50. Here are a few tips on passing the test. Read through the Highway Code at least once. Do all the mock theory tests on TopTests. Day before the test, go over all the questions you got wrong. On the day of your day, do not panic. Just be cool, calm and collected. All the best to anyone who will take the test. ~ Obediah Sarupinda

Just passed my theory test this morning! All my revision was done in this site after reading the Highway Code. This is a great site. Thank you so much!! ~ Julie K

I practiced the mock tests on the TopTests site every single morning for weeks and weeks till my theory test day which was on 24/06/14. I even completed the Marathon mock test a week before my test, that was quite a test but I was thrilled when I got 100% on it. I was a nervous wreck when I went in the test centre, but I found the multiple choice question part relatively easy, as most of the questions I answered I’d already had on the mock tests! I got 49/50 for that. The hazard perception part was a bit more difficult and I managed to miss a few hazards which I really could kick myself for. I got 47/75 for that. I’m chuffed to bits I passed both but I wished I’d have got more points on the hazard perception. Thanks Toptests for giving us all these free mock tests for practicing with. These tests are extremely helpful and without them, I don’t think we could have passed so easily. I appreciate them and I expect lots of other s do as well. ~ Anne-Marie Travis Sproson

I passed my theory test today 01/07/2014. I highly recommend that anyone doing their theory test to USE THIS SITE. At first I thought that the questions wouldn’t be the same or similar but to my amazement many of the questions that came up on the test are on this site. (They were just worded differently) Revise ALL of the tests on this site and you should pass easily. DONT FORGET TO REVISE FOR THE HAZARD PERCEPTION TEST~ Craig Burgess

After studying from this website for around a week, I appeared for my theory test today at 27.6.2014 and passed the test easily. I would like to thank the website guys as the last thing I wanted to do was to go through the entire CD/ took me even less than a week to prepare from this site. Scored 45/50 in MCQ section and 58/75 in Hazard test. 90% of the questions were exactly the same where as around 10% were new to me but they were easy enough to be attempted with some logic and common sense. I highly recommend this site to everyone who wishes to clear the test in first attempt..~ Iqra Zafar

Used just this site for the multiple choice section of the test to learn and revise and I passed with 96% (48/50). Couldn’t recommend it enough!~ Yvette Kiley

The best site for theory tests. Scored 48 of 50, without any other expensive book, cd or site… I would highly recommend it to everyone. Finished my test in 12 mins. Thanks toptests…~ M Khan

Passed my theory test with so much help from this website by scoring 50/50 for the questions and 64/75 for the hazard perception.~ Meghan C

I honestly can’t praise this website enough. Everyone used to say to me just use the mobile apps they’re all you need but I found these very repetitive and when I went to take my test I failed. So when I booked my second test I wanted something that would help with revision, I was so lucky to find this three weeks before my test, I just did about 1 or 2 tests a day everyday and I passed my theory! It is 100% down to this website. I wouldn’t usually leave feedback but I thought I have to because I am so grateful! So thank you! ~ Maria T

Hi, I passed my theory on Thursday (first time) and used this website for most of my theory practice. I din’t think I would pass but I did… Thanx.~ Hannah Marie

I used only these site to practise for my practical and I passed the first time. I passed on the 19/06/2014~ Abi Adebayo

This is the best site ever!!!! I just wanna thank the people behind this site for putting all this together. I passed my theory test today! :) 49/50 on multiple choice and 59/75 on hazard perception. I used this site for my revision, it was extremely helpful, I can honestly say you are guaranteed not to fail by using this site!! I have to admit every single question was identical to this. Before taking my test I had all my friends telling me the actual questions are similar but worded differently, Mine were worded all the same, in fact it was so easy I felt as if though I was at home doing my practice tests. For those of you who find the hazard perception part difficult; the actual test is alot easier than the practice all the hazards are obvious ones and straight forward it’s not as difficult as its seems…….Thank you toptests :D BEST SITE EVER!!!! :D~ Anefa Arif

I hereby certify this website as valid place to practice your theory test. I practiced the questions over and over again, noting down my errors. I sat for the test today at 6.00 pm. I scored 48 out of 50 marks from the multiple choice question and 54 out of 75 marks. Special thanks to this website.~ Ola Charles

Brilliant website, used only few times before my test!! Also used 2 hours night before and an hour before on the day and passed my theory with 47 out of 50 on the 3 June 2014!!!! Would recommend this site to anyone!!!!!~ Paul Williams

I had 3 days till my theory test and I found this website online and boy when I say this helped THIS HELPED BIG TIME and I’m so thankful for this website. I PASSED.~ Aretha Evans

Failed my theory the first three times, it came to exam day for the fourth one (today) and I tried this site. Now, as I had no previous time to revise for my test the only day I had to revise was today, I found this site, and within an hour I was passing tests that I’d previously failed. These tests are amazing and I have to thank you guys so much for publishing these tests for free. I’m in so much gratitude to you, driving lessons and tests are expensive as it is, that’s without the additional costs of buying a package to pass your theory test. Thank you very much! Also, I actually had a couple of questions in my test that were exactly the same as the ones on here -- which as you can imagine I was rather happy about! Great Job! Keep up the good work!~ Katie Harris

I was using an app on my phone that just was not helping at all, I found this website the DAY before my test which was on Thursday (22/5/14) hammered the tests for hours and eventually was getting passes on each one, something that had never happened. A lot of the questions I received are identical to the ones on this website (only got 4 wrong) Thank you so much :) Very pleased!~ M. M.

Completed all the tests on the site with hardly any guidance from the DVSA booklet and achieved 43/50 first try. Very close, admittedly, but I found these tests very useful.~ Oliver Queen

Wonderful website, I had to do my test twice because of the hazard perception part but I scored 46 and 47 respectively in the question part. I depended completely on this website without any previous knowledge. I definitely recommend it.~ M Shawkat

I thank TopTests for providing excellent coaching through this site. Today I finished my theory exam and passed in first attempt. Most of the questions are here to practice. Apart from this site I recommend to go through signs and signals where I lost 3 marks. I got almost 35-40 from this site. Thanks again and all the best to new users.~ Vageesh SK

Recently decided to take advanced driving test -- these tests are good way to reinforce highway code knowledge after 34 years of having passed standard driving test. Pleased that was getting 90% or more correct -- most questions are the use of common sense I might add.~ Alan Morgan

I woke up one day and thought I want to drive and it all started with free mock theory I practiced on this site passed my theory test I got that much confidence my instructor told me to put in for my driving test after 2 lessons.~ Mark Ferguson

I just passed the theory test last Friday and I recommend it, it was just one week doing and I passed!!!! So so happy and thank you guys!~ Luzy Bedouelle

I used ONLY the site for my theory and I passed with 49/50. You honestly don’t even need to buy the books, this site has it all here. Some of the questions were almost identical and I finished the test within 7 minutes. ~ Kaz Anwar

I passed my test first time after practicing on this site with only 5 times practice. I want to say thank you to the owner/s of this site for using it to help people. kudos~ Valentine Osazee

I passed using just these and the GOV.UK website, only two questions on the real test were not on these mocks, so I would highly recommend. The theory test layout is the same as GOV.UK but these examples are almost word for word. Good Luck.~ Ste Johnstone

I was continually on this site a few months before my test, I would recommend this site 100% for learners, it was much better then reading the highway code book. I passed first time and I believe that it was through the help of top tests. ~ Carla Kent

Hello. I took my driving theory test yesterday (21-05-14).. I scored 46/50 in the first part and 53/75 in the Hazard perception. So happy :) Big thanks to Toptests for helping me pass the theory test the very first time i took. Almost all the real exam questions were covered in the mock tests given in top tests. So do these mock tests and you will be ready to crack the real one. Thank you top tests again!!! Good luck to the people who have booked their tests!!!~ Suresh Guna

Thanks TOPTESTS, just passed my exam, mock tests really helped me, got 48/50~ Vayo Ann

I want to say a big thank you to TopTests. I have passed my theory test (16/05/2014 ) first try. I scored 46 out of 50 in the first part and 55/75 in the Hazard test.~ Heliane Castilho

Great resource for practice of the Theory and was a great help, I just kept practicing with it until I was getting at least 80% scores and that worked for me. The only pity is no Hazard Test practice, the way the Theory test is laid out, I feel sure this site would have a great Hazard practice too (some sites had tiny video, making it a whole lot harder than it needed to be. But the Theory and Road signs on here are excellent, I especially recommend the Marathon Practice!~ Jon B

This is a very good website for DSA theory test. I only used this website to practice for my test which I did today (26.04.14) and I successfully passed. All thanks to God and Top Tests.~ Ola R

Thanks ever so much !! passed first time with this website brilliant xx ~ Peggy Smith

Today I have passed my theory test on 08/05/14, this website had nearly all of the answers on the real test. I recommend this website to anyone. This was the first time I have passed I am really happy, thank you!!! I have passed with 47 out of 50 and for the hazard perception 51 out of 75~ H.K.

Am so delighted! Just got 49/50 and 62/75 using just this for practise. Thanks so much!!~ Mary Hill

Passed my theory test May 2014 1st time thanks to this website, 90% of the questions are similar to the actual test. Practice every test on this website and you will have no problems in passing the real thing~ Atif A

I passed my theory test first time today thanks to TopTests. A large number of the questions in the test I had seen before on here. I would recommend to everyone.~ Sarunas Gembutas

I had bought a theory test book and started that way but then I found this site… It is AMAZING!! I passed my theory test first time. Majority of the questions on the site, were actually in the test expect a few I had never seen before, but I still passed!! I dont think I would have passed first time without it!~ Leigh Symons

I read the reviews while I was practicing on this website, it was so encouraging and today I’m sharing mine. I passed first time with 48/50 if you would agree? Great score! I strongly recommend and I want to say a big thank you to the team!~ Kenny Akande

In February I took my theory test using my revision books as well as the DVD in order to gain as much knowledge as possible before the big day, the day came and I failed. After re-booking my theory test for the month after (Late March) I used and worked my way through all the practice exams while jotting down all the answers to the questions I answered incorrectly and in turn I passed my theory test!! Thanks to the people at, helped me a great deal!! ~ Rachid Sahraoui

Wonderful site, I got 45/50 in the multiple questions ~ Helen A

I sat my theory test yesterday for the first time and passed with 47/50 and 58/75! I worked through all the questions and used online Hazard Perception tests. I have already recommended this site to a few people and will continue to! Thanks again :) ~ C Carlon

A friend referred me to this website. Went through the questions for just 10 days, one hour/day, did the exam and passed; I scored 48/50. I highly recommend this website as all the questions asked in the exam can be found in the website. Thank you Top Tests! :) ~ Michael Olawale

Had to go through these tests over and over…scored 48!. Perfect site for all!! ~ Emmanuel Ade

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Toptests:) I passed my theory test today thank to Toptests!~ Asif Mohammed

Hey, I was doing 3 hours a day for 2 weeks (-weekends) I had my theory test today and got 50/50! I have recommended this site to all my friends and family and can not thank this page enough~ Damian Hope

Passed only using this website on march the 17th got 44 out of 50 for the multiple choice, and 53 out of 75 for the hazard test. Would recommend this website -- very useful and straight to the point with the correct questions, thanks.~ Evans 94

Passed my theory test first time on 14/04/2014 with a mark of 46/50. Only 6 questions seemed to have been different but all the other question were so identical to the questions on this site. I did about 6 mock tests over and over again until I was getting 48 and above on each one. Then a day before my mock test I did the 150 questions mock marathon which helped me a lot. I also used some theory test apps when I was on the bus to work or just wanting to use my phone. For the hazard I also used some apps and a couple of websites. So glad I found this site and it feels great knowing that I’ve got the theory covered, now preparing for the Practical!! ~ Chérie Beau

Had my Theory test today, passed 47 out of 50. All but three questions were on this site. So happy. I can now concentrate on the driving. I did a couple of the tests a night and the ones that I got the lowest scores on I kept going until I got 100%. Would and did recommend this site.~ Wendy R

I passsed my theory test yesterday. 48/50. Thanks to the Toptest. Only four questions out of toptests. I will recommend this site to anyone who prepares for the test, because it is reliable and I feel great about the people who work for it.~ Xavier D

I would definitely recommend this test to anyone who wants to get through the driving theory test. It is a very comprehensive and excellent web site to practice for your theory test. I passed my test last week in first attempt. I would like to thank Toptests for this very valuable tool. All you need to pass is to keep practicing regularly on Good luck everyone and thank you the entire team of top tests. ~ Sujata Nanda

I would like to thank everyone involved with this website and would strongly advise anyone who is thinking about sitting their theory to try this site. I passed on my first attempt and owe a lot of my success to this site it really is a great help in preparing you for your theory………thanks again Anthony …….South Wales~ Anthony Oakley

I passed my theory yesterday thanks to this site! I had been revising for weeks and 2-3 times a week and I got really good marks :)~ Anne-Marie Davies

Fantastic practise test -- I have passed my test this morning in first attempt. Was looking to cancel due to lack of preparation, was too late to change dates. However, practised all these test over night and cleared test this morning (next day). Got 45/50 though -- not too bad. Thanks for such a wonderful site. ~ Monit Mehta

Would like to take this opportunity to thank this website for helping me while learning my theory. Passed in March 14 with 49/50 -- better than what I was getting in the practices! Highly recommend.~ H. S.

Great site, failed three times, however used this site & Highway code & PASSED!!!!!! Couldn’t recommend highly enough.. Be aware of tram, documents & catalytic converter questions … In official theory test. If you revise & put the work in you will pass. Just wish I had found it sooner!!!!~ Bailey Petterson

Passed the theory test yesterday (12/3/14) with perfect score on multiple choice. Thanks for this website as most of the questions are similar if not the same. Practise and practise with all the tests. Use Highway Code as well. Combine these two plus your hazard perception as what I did. Good luck!~ Sienna Malagad

Use this site and you will pass, guaranteed. It’s that good, so many of the questions popped up in the real exam. Just practice on this and you will pass.~ Saj Saj

Thank you for this site, I have just PASSED my theory test by using all the mock tests you guys offered, it was really helpful. Thank you once again :D~ Mohammed Bawla

I only used this site and I passed my theory today. I would recommend it as most of the questions asked on here came up on the actual test!!~ Cherise Martinez

Passed today, very good for revision, I completed all the tests provided and that is all I needed apart from a bit of hazard perception practice, I highly recommend this site. ~ Sid Sharma

The site is one of the best for theory tests. I went through the mock tests just for five days and attended the theory test. 70% of the questions come out during the test and I passed on first sitting. Thank you Prince Promise

I would recommend this site to anyone going for their theory test, I just passed today and there were only 2 questions that I actually had to think about the answer.~ James Crewe

Started using this website as help for my oncoming theory test, to be honest it isn’t that scary all the real test is, is is exactly like the mock tests on here (without the marking -- Correct/Wrong) you get that at the end of the whole test. My test only took me 40 mins to complete both Theory & Hazard Perception, most answers where on this website, great help, very happy! :D Good luck everyone else! ~ David Mace

Thank you, thank you, so very much. Passed the first time with the help of this amazing site. Since I discovered it, went through it every day and came out HAPPY!. The best site for success for test theory EVER!~ Tosin R

I found this website very useful, read only for 1 week. Highly recommended, as passed in first attempt with 47/50 score~ Najma Urfan

I used this website to practise my theory test and lo and behold everything I learnt from this website came on my actual test. This site is very helpful so I recommend it to everyone. Big thank you to TopTests. I passed my test today 04/02/2014. ~ Stephen Kwabena

This site is brilliant, passed with 50/50! ~ Johanne Bloggs

Top tests is the best site for doing your theory. It is very convenient being touch screen friendly and gives you instant results for your performance. I would recommend this site any time.. I passed the theory in a week and planning to drive automatic cars… good luck to you!!~ V Nathan

Having previously already done the test twice and failing -- I decided to go to and after going through all of the tests provided -- I ended up on the third time with 50/50. Thank you :)~ Mark Prince

Just done my test in Middlesbrough, wouldn’t have passed without this website. Highly recommend it, got 45/50 thanks so much! ~ David McKnight

Passed the Theory Test today with a score of 45/50 and 57/75 on the hazard perception, amazing how many questions from this website are on the actual test, would recommend it to any student. ~ Oli Kohler

I can’t recommend this website enough. This website is very helpful as I studied with the test questions from here only and passed my test at first sitting. I would recommend that anyone studying should go through the questions from test 1 to the the last and continue until they are confident enough. I thought I should come back and write this review to let others know and also as a thank you since this is completely free. Best of luck to others preparing. ~ Violet E

Just passed my theory test after 3 days of using this website and doing all of the mock tests. Most positive point: The wording of the mock tests this website gives, forces you to read the questions properly and they give hints! Things to improve: A few of the questions in my test were not on this website so make sure you do a bit more background reading! Overall thoughts: The mock tests were helpful and up to date, well worthwhile :) Thanks! ~ Khelsea Robinson

Passed Today!! All thanks to Top Tests :) Purely used this website and no highway code reading was even needed. Felt so confident after doing every single test including the marathon on the website.. Questions were almost.. if not, identical to the real test. Recommend this to everybody.. and best of all, they’re free!!! :D ~ Scott White

Great website, been using for a week and really really really truly helped me with my test which I passed first time round and most of the stuff on here is relevant to every question that will be asked on the site. Treasure this site as it shouldn’t be free lol thank the creator. Been using the site since the 16th of December 2013 and passed my theory test today 21st of December good luck :) ~ Ernie M.

I think these tests are brilliant, better than the dvds ~ Ruth Whitcombe

I practiced for my theory test here because I use my mobile and I can practice any time. I like that when making a mistake I find the explanation and that helped me to remember the answers. ~ Eglal Elamin

I used this site and passed all the tests from 1-12 with mostly 100%, took the Marathon just before my theory and got 100% 150/150 correct, but in the real test I got an acceptable 43/50 and 54/75 for my Hazard! Thank you Top Tests! ~ Birmingham Lad

Just wanted to say thank you so much for this amazing website, I did all the mock tests and they are so near to the real thing so definitely worth a go! I sat my theory test today (21/12/13) and passed first time with flying colours! Thank you! ~ Hannah Gibson

I passed first time taking the test and only used this website to learn and practice from scratch. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to pass their theory exam, as lots of the questions that came up on my test are also on this website. Great site. ~ Jonas Butt

Hi, I took my theory test today and I passed with 45/50 on the multiple choice part and 50/75 on the hazard perception part. I just did a few mock test the night before and I did it ~ Aadil Sumar

Just passed my theory test today! Found this website a couple days ago and had been working my way through the test practices until last night. Believe it or not, I failed twice before and probably wouldn’t have passed without doing that. I tried each one in turn, then reviewed them and jotted down the ones from each test which I thought I might get stuck on. I then tried each test again until I was getting only one or less wrong on each. My approach the first and second times were to memorize the highway code. It didn’t help at all as there was too much to remember, so I sat each feeling like (and finding) I’d missed out so much. I think there was only about one question I sat in the test today which I had never come across, the re st were all in the practice tests -- even if worded a little differently, they were the general gist. MORAL OF THE STORY: USE THESE PRACTICE TESTS, THEY REALLY REALLY HELP. ~ Livvy R

I want to say a big THANK YOU!!! This website is extremely useful, I passed today the test 21 November 2013 with scored 47 corect answers out of 50 and 47 points of a possible 75 points hazard perception part. The questions are the same as the real test, practiced every day during 1 week and results are excellent! Thank you guys, for the lovely website! ~ Borislava Stoyanova

I passed my driving theory test with good score today. This site is very useful, especially the mock test marathon. Thanks. ~ Regina Mathew

I passed my driving theory test first time thanks to this site, it’s really great and helpful and what I like about this site is that you can review your answers and it’s really enjoyable and you can never get bored of it unlike the theory book. I passed with 49/50 for multi choice part and for hazard 62/75. I only practised within 1 day and passed. Thanks Toptests. ~ Abdifatah Ali

I did the mock tests a couple of times and spent a good week before the exam. Passed with flying colours…48 out of 50. Also passed the hazard test with 59 out of 75. Thanks a lot for the preparation kit and tests…:) ~ Pavan K.

Thanks to this site I got my theory test with less than 5 days revision! The huge variety of questions allows you to understand so much about a certain topic, therefore allowing you to tackle any question with confidence! ~ Tommy Leigh

I attempted all mock tests and marathon tests as well before I went to appear in my theory test. People suggested me some other books but I just relied on these practice tests as it almost covered everything. I cleared the test with 49 out of 50 in multiple choice questions and 60 out of 75 in hazard test with certificate no.374517135. There was only 1 question which was not in practice tests and that was a technical question. I prepared myself in 1 week. Thanks to this website. It is very helpful and I strongly recommend to other new drivers to rely on this website and success will follow you. The only tip is you must understand the logic behind every answer and understand it properly cuz the questions can be in a diffrent form though the subject is same in actual theory paper. Thanks a lot. ~ M.Bedi

This site helped me to pass with flying colours first time. I passed on 2nd November 2013 and got 47/50 for Theory and 65/75 for Hazard. A week prior to the test I did one to two mock tests on this site every night and the most beneficial one was the last ‘Marathon Test’. I did this the day before the test and covered everything I needed to pass. Once again I thank you TopTests for helping me pass first time round! ~ Aditya Polasa

I passed my theory thanks to this site, it’s really great and helpful. I passed with 49/50 and hazard 55/75. I only practised within 1 day and passed thanks Toptests ~ Abdi Ali

Just passed the exam on my first attempt today. I had just 4 days to prepare. I completed all the 12 tests on your site and DSA app on my iPhone. You are really good. Quality and presentation -- both are excellent on your site. Thanks again. ~ Naveen P

Thanks to I passed my theory test 1st time, with a score of 49/50 on Theory and 69/75 on Hazard awareness! Amazing Website! ~ Bahram Saydzai

Would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to top tests. Amazing help, friendly and fun way of teaching theory!! :-) 100% successful in helping to pass! I’m very grateful to top tests. THANK YOU! ~ Z.I.

I used this a week before my theory test to revise and used the highway code book as well, these questions are similar to the real test and provide a good revision platform, I passed today 24/01/2014 and I’d say this website helped me out a lot. Thank you :) ~ Rahul Krithropale

I just want to say that I came across this site around three days before doing my driving theory (test taken today on 11/09/13 – I had been revising for weeks with a DVD) and went through all of the practice tests. Compiled with my revision from the driving DVD, this website offers the best (by a country mile) free service out there for those who are looking to pass their theory test’s multiple choice section. Many questions I had on the actual test today were near identical to some of the questions here, down to and including the pictures on the question screen (where relevant), so to pass up on this website as a means of serious revision is at the loss of the individual. I also suggest the 150 question test marathon, as that really does challenge your ability to get everything correct, in addition to remaining focused throughout! I ended up with 49/50 on the multiple choice and 67/75 on the hazard perception part. Don’t forget to revise for the hazard perception section too, for anyone that is reading this success story. That is just as important to pass! ~ Chris W

PASSED!! THANK YOU!! I had my first driving theory test today and thanks to this website I PASSED!! The questions were all same as the questions in these tests provided but worded differently and had the same answers :D Thank You TopTests. ~ Jayesh Mohane

Huge thanks to the people behind this site. I passed with 47/50 on the multiple choice section. Loads of the questions were identical to the ones on this site and I doubt I would have passed if I hadn’t have found this site. I definitely recommend this site to anyone about to take their theory test, with this and topping up by reading your highway code, you are sure to pass. ~ James Stringfellow

I GOT 50/50 unbelievable! Thanks top tests! ~ T J

My theory test got moved to a later date so I decided to look around for test questions and I am so glad i came across this website as it really helped me practice for my test, before I found this website i was looking through the book which is helpful but it’s very tedious and sent me to sleep!! If my theory test didn’t get moved to a later date i probably would of failed it! Thanks for helping me pass! ~ Ruth Nicholson

Passed my theory 17th July, I’m not even joking about 30 of the questions I answered on here are on the test, also I used other free websites and Highway Code book but I reccommend you take ALL tests on here, you will pass first time. I’m so happy, booking my practical soon. ~ Alisha P

Only had a few days till my theory and didn’t want to get the book as i knew i would fall asleep reading it everytime. Found this website and OMG amazing. Had my theory this morning and got 48/50. Pretty much all the questions on here came up. 2 BIG THUMBS UP TO THIS SITE. THANK YOU. ~ James S.

Thanks so much Toptests. Have just passed my theory test (13/06/13). Your site is great, I’ve used it for just two days and passed the test first time with 47/50 and hazard perception 62/75. Have already recommended it to a friend. ~ Themi Ato

Just passed my theory and most of my revision I used this website! The DSA website is a good one too but this is the best! ~ Jaime Mitchell

There was a place available for a test at the Quays center in Salford. I booked it yesterday around 5PM. I spent my evening practising here. Guess what I just passed my test today. It’s so amazing, thank you so much… ~ Fadi, Manchester

Done the tests on this website, that’s all the work I done and passed 1st time, brilliant website. Thank you. ~ Ian Campbell

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