Driving lessons and tests in the UK restarted in early April 2021: demand ‘skyrocketed’ after COVID-19 lockdown

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A dramatic increase has been seen in driving lessons and tests since the return of services on April 12th, following COVID-19. The DVSA said that demand for both was expected to increase “enormously” as people were eager to get back behind the wheel after being without a car for months.
Driving tests and lessons had been paused for several months due to coronavirus restrictions, but the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency confirmed that regular lessons finally resumed on 12 April in England and Wales.

TopTests.co.uk, a popular driver education platform, has seen a sharp 250% increase in usage and sign-ups compared to April 2020.

‘We’ve never seen demand like that before,’ said a spokesperson from TopTests.co.uk, ‘Driving lessons and tests in the UK restarted in early April 2021: demand skyrocketed immediately after COVID-19 lockdown.’

“It’s an enormous change from the same time last year when COVID-19 just started,” said Andrei Zakhareuski of TopTests. “There are more people than ever who want to drive and learn how.”

The increase in demand has been welcomed by the Government and lawmakers, who have had to grapple with a dramatic shortage of staff after COVID-19 shut down driving schools.

After many months of uncertainty, learners and instructors are finally excited about the new possibilities.

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