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2024 Driving Theory Test Practice

4.01 out of 5 • 944 votes.
UK driving licenceThis mock driving theory test for UK learner drivers is designed to help you get ready for the actual DVSA test; that is why the format of the questions and answers is the same. The scoring system is exactly the same as well, so there'll be no surprises when you take the real test. To pass, you'll need to answer 43 out of 50 multiple-choice questions correctly. Not sure which answer is correct? There is a hint below every question. Please note that there will be no such hints at the real DVSA exam. Retake our tests as often as you want: we shuffle both questions and answers every time you restart the test. Good luck!
Based on 2024 Highway Code
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How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

UK Highway Code

View the UK Highway Code.


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UK driving licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. You have been driving with your rear fog lights on because you had forgotten to turn them off. What effect may this have?
  2. Before supervising a learner driver, you must hold your EC/EEA driving licence for _______ year(s).
  3. You are trying to emerge from a junction, but there are parked vehicles restricting your view. What can you do to improve your zone of vision onto the other road?
  4. There is a pedestrian nearby with a red-and-white stick. This person must be
  5. Which type of vehicle requires extra room when you overtake it?
  6. What is the speed limit of the outside lane on a motorway?
  7. Whilst you are driving, a police officer flashes his headlights at you from behind. He is pointing to the left. What should you do?
  8. At a gated crossing without signals, after you called the operator and they confirmed it would be safe to cross,
  9. What would be an expected positioning of a horse rider in a roundabout?
  10. If you already crossed the white line at a level crossing when the amber light comes on, you should
  11. There has been an accident and someone is unconscious. What is your highest priority?
  12. Excessive tyre wear can be caused by
  13. You are asked by a police officer to produce your documents but you do not have them with you. You must take them to a police station within ___ days.
  14. When you're approaching a mini-roundabout, you must
  15. You are travelling at the legal speed limit, and the driver behind you flashes his or her headlights. You should
  16. You are not allowed to reverse
  17. A dedicated cycle lane is marked by a solid white line. When are you permitted to cross that line?
  18. When you are driving in thick fog, you should stay far behind the vehicle in front of you
  19. If you are driving in strong winds and you want to overtake a motorcyclist, how should you go about it?
  20. On a three-lane motorway, what is the rightmost lane used for?
  21. What is the purpose of ESC (Electronic stability control)?
  22. After you have driven through a flooded area, what should you do?
  23. You are driving on a wet road. How large a gap do you need to leave between your car and the car in front of you?
  24. When driving through a tunnel, which lights should you use?
  25. Whilst you are driving, you are involved in a collision. What must you do first?
  26. On a motorway, where can amber reflective studs be found?
  27. A road accident victim has an arm wound but is still able to move the arm. Why do you need to instruct the person to keep it upright?
  28. You are driving behind a large goods vehicle. It moves left after signalling right. What should you do?
  29. If you have a collision with another vehicle, what will reduce the chances of you injuring your neck?
  30. If you are travelling down a steep hill, what can you do to control the vehicle?
  31. If you want to park facing downhill, what should you do?
  32. At a traffic light, you are waiting behind a cyclist. What should you do when the light turns green?
  33. If you are going to reverse onto a side road but you do not know if the road is clear, what should you do?
  34. If there is a bus at a bus stop in front of you, what should you do?
  35. You have a trailer attached to your car and you're driving on the motorway. What is the legal maximum speed at which you can travel?
  36. On a motorway, the left-hand lane is used for
  37. If you need to slow down quite quickly on a motorway, what should you do?
  38. You are able to drive on a footpath if
  39. You have been in an accident, and another driver has a neck injury. Your vehicle has also been damaged. What information do you need from the other driver?
  40. Which of the following styles of driving is the most risky?
  41. You have just joined a dual carriageway. What should you do first?
  42. Where can you find a crawler lane on a motorway?
  43. You are allowed to use your hazard lights if
  44. When are you allowed to wait in a box junction?
  45. What is the speed limit if you see a triangle sign showing two roads merging into one (a dual carriageway turning into a single carriageway)?
  46. You’re driving along a busy road when you realize you’re in the wrong lane. What’s the best course of action?
  47. How can you reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption?
  48. When are you allowed to stop on a clearway?
  49. What makes a toucan crossing different from other crossings?
  50. What is an indication of a fault in the anti-lock braking system (ABS)?