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Driving Theory Test Practice for the 2024 DVSA Exam

UK driving licenceWe have designed this mock test to help you get ready for the real DVSA driving theory test. We have kept the same format of the questions and answers as well as the scoring system. To pass, you need to answer 43 out of 50 multiple-choice questions correctly. If you're not sure of the correct answer to a question, use the Hint (there is one for each question). Retake any one of our tests as many times as you need to; questions and answers are shuffled every time you restart the test.
Based on 2024 Highway Code
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How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

UK Highway Code

View the UK Highway Code.


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UK driving licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. If you are reversing, who is least likely to be seen by you?
  2. You notice that there are pedestrians waiting on the pavement at a zebra crossing. It is obvious that they are waiting to cross. What should you do?
  3. Under what circumstances are you allowed to drive over a footpath?
  4. You are driving in icy conditions when you suddenly go into a rear wheel skid. What should you do?
  5. The 'two-second rule' allows you to
  6. You have been invited to lunch in a pub but you know that you will be driving in the evening. What should you do?
  7. In which of these situations should you use your hazard lights?
  8. You are driving down a hill when you notice that there is a car parked on the other side of the road, which is causing an obstruction. There are heavy lorries coming up the hill towards you. What should you do?
  9. You come across an unmarked crossroads with other traffic approaching. Who has right of way?
  10. How can you use your engine to slow down more?
  11. You are driving through slow-moving traffic and you want to change lanes. Before doing so, you should
  12. You are driving at night when an oncoming car dazzles you with its headlights. What should you do?
  13. How should you cross a level crossing with gates?
  14. What is the purpose of an Active Traffic Management scheme on a motorway?
  15. You should not reverse
  16. You need to reverse into a side street. At what point is your car the biggest hazard to passing traffic?
  17. One of your passengers is a baby. You are going to place the rear-facing safety seat in the front passenger seat. What must you do first?
  18. Once you're on a zebra crossing, you should
  19. On a three-lane motorway, which lane should you usually drive in?
  20. You should use your horn
  21. You are driving at the speed limit when it becomes clear that the driver behind you wants to overtake. What should you do?
  22. It is compulsory to wear glasses or contact lenses when you drive if
  23. You are driving down a steep hill and want to go slower. You should
  24. You are driving in the left-hand lane of a motorway. Traffic is approaching from the slip lane. You should
  25. You are driving and want to use your mobile phone, but you do NOT have a hands-free set. This is allowed if
  26. You are driving behind a learner driver when you come to a red traffic light. When it changes to green, the learner driver stalls. What should you do?
  27. You are the first car in a queue waiting to turn right into a side street. Before starting to move, you need to check your right mirror
  28. What can you expect to see on triangular road signs?
  29. You are driving in very heavy rain when suddenly your car starts to slide. This is called
  30. Which of the following statements about driving around pedestrians is correct?
  31. The warning light for your anti-lock brakes comes on and stays on. You should
  32. You want to reverse but you are not sure that it is safe to do so. What should you do?
  33. You are driving along a single-track road when it becomes obvious that the car behind you wants to overtake. You should
  34. There is an obstruction on your side of the road. You should
  35. You are involved in a collision in which someone suffers a burn. A burn should be cooled for at least
  36. You are allowed to use fog lights
  37. Your car is equipped with anti-lock brakes. These will reduce the chances of skidding
  38. You are waiting to come out of a side street into heavy traffic. Which vehicle is the most difficult to see?
  39. You discover that your fuel consumption is higher than it should be. What is the most likely cause of this?
  40. When you drive at night, which of the following types of eyeglasses should you NOT wear?
  41. What is the purpose of a catalytic converter?
  42. You are attempting to join a dual carriageway. You should
  43. You really need to park, but the only place that you can see is within the zigzag lines near a pedestrian crossing. When are you allowed to park there?
  44. You are driving in fog. You should keep your speed down because
  45. You are carrying a heavy load on your roof rack. You should make sure that
  46. At night, you are driving along a motorway that is well lit. You should
  47. You are driving along when you come across a cyclist. When you overtake, you should give the cyclist as much room as you would a car because
  48. All your passengers must wear seat belts unless
  49. You signal your intentions by your direction indicators and
  50. The hard shoulder of a multi-laned carriageway is for