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Practice Mock DVSA Theory Test for 2024 – Theory Test

4.06 out of 5 • 777 votes.
UK driving licenceTaking your theory test for the first time doesn't need to be daunting if you practise, practise, practise beforehand. There are over 900 questions in over a dozen different categories that can be asked. These include questions on vehicle loading, documents, using the motorway, and the rules of the road. Some questions will also be accompanied by pictures, asking you to explain what you see. In the rare situation where you are unsure of an answer, you can put that question aside temporarily and return to it later in the examination. This 2024 mock DVSA theory test will help you master everything you need to know to get that all-important pass!
Based on 2024 Highway Code
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How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

UK Highway Code

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UK driving licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. While travelling on a wet road, you need to make an emergency stop. What should you do?
  2. You are driving on a narrow country road and are about to overtake a cyclist. What should you do?
  3. The vehicle behind you has a flashing green light on the roof. The driver is
  4. You pull up at a puffin crossing with a red light. Pedestrians are currently using the crossing. The light will remain red until
  5. What should you do if you are being followed closely by another driver?
  6. Which of the following factors is most likely to lead to a crash?
  7. Petrol-fuelled vehicles such as cars can harm the environment in several ways. Which of the following is NOT one of those ways?
  8. Which of the following statistics about driving smoothly is true?
  9. Which of the following measures is most likely to prevent a thief from stealing your vehicle?
  10. You don't have time to remove your sat nav, car radio, and suitcase from your vehicle. What should you do?
  11. In a contraflow system due to roadworks, who do you need to watch out for?
  12. After travelling through deep water that has gathered on a road surface, you should
  13. You are about to start a journey, but there is snow or ice on your vehicle. Which part of the car does NOT need to be cleared of ice or snow?
  14. What is the main warning sign that your car is aquaplaning?
  15. Coasting (driving in neutral or with the clutch pressed down) will cause which of the following?
  16. While travelling downhill, how can you get the engine to assist with braking?
  17. Which of the following will alcohol NOT do if you consume it before you travel?
  18. The actions of another driver have upset you. You should
  19. What does the solid line along the left-hand side of the carriageway indicate?
  20. You are driving down a narrow country road. There is a left-hand bend ahead. The main hazards to be aware of are
  21. While driving in the town centre, you notice that there is a stationary bus located at the bus stop on the other side of the road. You should exercise greater caution because
  22. While you are stationary at a pelican crossing, a person in a wheelchair is crossing the road slowly. The traffic light has since turned green. You should
  23. To overtake a cyclist, you need to put as much distance as possible between the person and your vehicle. This is because the cyclist may
  24. What should you do when overtaking a horse and rider?
  25. In an area with a tram network, you should drive with caution because
  26. Which of the following types of vehicles is usually least affected by crosswinds?
  27. You should not use your fog lights in good visibility during the day because
  28. You decide to activate your front fog lights because visibility ahead is less than 100 metres. You need to
  29. Why does a motorcyclist steer around a drain cover on a wet road?
  30. What is the main purpose of an emergency refuge area?
  31. Which of the following are allowed to drive on motorways?
  32. As you are driving in the left lane on a three-lane motorway, more cars start to join from a slip road. You need to
  33. When preparing to join a motorway, why do you need to use all available space on the slip road?
  34. At an unmarked crossroads, who has priority?
  35. Which type of vehicle may have to follow an unconventional course on a roundabout?
  36. Although you are travelling on a well-lit road in a busy area, you should use dipped headlights. Why?
  37. What is the purpose of the right-hand lane on a three-lane motorway?
  38. A sign showing a train on a brown background means
  39. Some road signs give orders. Except for 'Stop' and 'Give Way' signs, what colour and shape are they?
  40. You are approaching a traffic light. Only the amber light is lit. Which light(s) will come on next?
  41. When should hazard lights be activated while you are driving?
  42. When can you use your horn while your vehicle is stationary?
  43. What does a red traffic light indicate?
  44. What is the minimum age for someone to supervise a person who is learning to drive?
  45. What is the main benefit of the Pass Plus scheme?
  46. There has been a collision, and one driver is suffering from shock. What should you do?
  47. If you sustain a puncture on the motorway, what should you do?
  48. You are at the scene of a collision where someone is unconscious inside a car. The emergency services need to be contacted
  49. When travelling through a busy tunnel, you need to
  50. A two-year-old child is travelling in your car. Which of the following is the most suitable restraint?