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Mock Theory Test for the 2024 DVLA Exam

UK driving licenceThere's just one thing separating you from the nerve-racking practical driving test - it's your theory examination. The official driving theory test is up to an hour long, and you need 86% to pass. You will be asked 50 questions, and you need to get 43 of them correct. If you’re unsure what the procedure is for answering questions, don’t worry. A brief how-to video will be shown to all candidates before you begin. This mock theory test will help you hone your technique by practicing questions very similar to the ones often asked by the DVSA (also known as DVLA) in 2024.
Based on 2024 Highway Code
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How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

UK Highway Code

View the UK Highway Code.


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UK driving licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. In which of the following situations is it LEAST safe to overtake another vehicle?
  2. You have bought a sat nav for your vehicle. What is the best way to configure the device so it won't distract you while you drive?
  3. Your horn should mainly be used for
  4. While travelling on a one-way street, you decide to turn right. Where should your car be positioned?
  5. When driving on a wet surface, how large a time gap should there be between you and the vehicle ahead?
  6. Road narrowing, chicanes, and humps are used for
  7. What is the best way to lower the chances of your car being stolen or broken into?
  8. You are giving your mate's kids a lift to school. They are both 10 years old. Who is responsible for ensuring that they wear seat belts or appropriate child restraints?
  9. If you press down on the accelerator rapidly and brake heavily without planning, it can lead to
  10. A child passenger in your car is under 1.35 metres tall. It is your responsibility to ensure that
  11. While driving down a long, steep slope, you should keep your car's speed under control by
  12. The anti-lock brakes on your vehicle will be activated when
  13. Cars are most susceptible to crosswinds when
  14. What is the greatest advantage of a vehicle with four-wheel drive?
  15. What should you NOT do when you are about to join a contraflow?
  16. Which type of glasses are unsafe to wear when driving at night?
  17. As you approach a bend, you see this sign. You should
  18. Which of the following would NOT impair your ability to concentrate while driving?
  19. While in a queue at traffic lights, you are planning to turn left. Prior to making the manoeuvre, you need to
  20. You are indicating right, and planning to turn off a main road onto a smaller side road. Prior to turning, you need to
  21. Two pensioners are getting ready to cross the road, but not at a pedestrian crossing. As you approach, you should
  22. Never attempt to overtake cyclists when you are
  23. You see markings warning you, 'School; keep clear'. Why is it against the law to stop where these markings are?
  24. Powered wheelchairs and scooters, designed for use by disabled people, have a maximum speed of
  25. While travelling down a steep hill, some drivers hold the clutch down or put the gearbox in neutral. If done for prolonged periods of time, this can be dangerous because
  26. While you are driving in daytime, visibility is poor, though it hasn't been seriously compromised. You should activate
  27. During heavy snowfall, you should
  28. You should NOT stop on a motorway if
  29. You should only stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway if
  30. What is the main measure used to prevent congestion on a motorway?
  31. When driving on a three-lane motorway, which lane should you use?
  32. Your eyesight is worsening and is starting to affect your driving, who must you inform?
  33. You are driving on a road without speed limit signs. However, there is street lighting, which indicates that the speed limit is probably
  34. While driving in the right-hand lane of a dual carriageway, you see a sign indicating that the lane is closed 800 yards ahead. What should you do?
  35. You are going straight on at the next roundabout. You need to
  36. Where can reflective studs (cat's eyes) be found on a motorway?
  37. You are travelling on a busy road. You intend to pull over on the left-hand side, just after a junction turning that is also on the left. When should you indicate?
  38. Stop signs are which shape?
  39. Whilst you are driving, a police officer flashes his headlights at you from behind. He is pointing to the left. What should you do?
  40. You are approaching an amber traffic light. What does this mean?
  41. Triangular signs provide
  42. You are planning to overtake a vehicle, but a sign tells you that there is a hidden dip ahead. What should you do?
  43. You need to show your certificate of motor insurance when
  44. A Statutory Off Road Notification, also known as a SORN, is valid
  45. If your roof box falls into the left hand lane while you are driving on a motorway, where should you stop to deal with the problem?
  46. While driving through a residential area, you accidentally crash into a garden wall. No one else is around. You must
  47. You are involved in an accident in which someone suffers a burn. A burn should be cooled for at least
  48. You are first to arrive at the scene of an accident involving a motorcycle. The rider has been hurt. Do not remove the person's helmet unless
  49. While you are travelling through a tunnel, a small fire starts in your vehicle. You need to
  50. You are planning to tow a trailer. Where can information on the maximum noseweight for the tow ball of the vehicle be found?