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2024 UK Highway Code Mock Theory Test

UK driving licenceAre you preparing to get your driving licence? Do you want to pass the DVSA theory test on your first try? Then why not try our mock Highway Code test? Our test will challenge your knowledge of right of way, parking, speed limits, emergency situations, and general road safety. It will help you become a safer and more knowledgeable driver. The information here might just get you out of a tight spot someday. This test contains 50 multiple-choice questions based on official DVSA publications. Each question has four possible answers, but only one answer is correct. It is your job to find the most complete and correct answer for each question. Good luck and safe driving!
Based on 2024 Highway Code
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How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

UK Highway Code

View the UK Highway Code.


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UK driving licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. How can you reduce driver fatigue during long trips?
  2. Can you wait, load, unload, or park by a kerb with a double red line?
  3. You have to stop for children playing on the road in a Home Zone. Which of the following is true?
  4. Can you drive through a pelican crossing with a green light?
  5. Which of the following is the most important consideration when fitting a rear-facing baby seat?
  6. You have arrived at the scene of an accident and someone is hurt. What is the first thing you should do?
  7. When must you dip your high-beam headlights?
  8. You are driving on the motorway. When can you overtake on the left?
  9. If you are towing a trailer, what kind of mirrors do you need?
  10. You wish to park a manual car facing downhill next to a kerb. How should you park?
  11. You see a zebra crossing with a central island. Should you treat this as one crossing or two?
  12. What should you do if your car becomes trapped on a level crossing?
  13. You see a pedestrian walking with a dog with a red-and-white harness. Which of the following is most likely?
  14. Two vehicles meet head to head on a steep single-track road. Which vehicle has priority?
  15. At which of the following places should you drive with extra caution?
  16. How much space must you give a cyclist you are overtaking?
  17. You see a large white triangle painted on the road before a junction. What does this mean?
  18. You arrive at a mini-roundabout with a painted central island. Can you drive over the island?
  19. How close to a pedestrian crossing are you allowed to park?
  20. In an emergency, how should you brake if your vehicle is NOT equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS)?
  21. You need to give first aid. What does the 'C' in the acronym DRABC stand for?
  22. What does a signal with flashing red lights beside the motorway mean?
  23. Whilst you are driving through the rain, your steering becomes unresponsive. What should you do?
  24. You need to give first aid. What does the 'R' in the acronym DRABC stand for?
  25. You see a traffic signal with red, amber, green, and white lights. What does the white light mean?
  26. What kind of crossing has a flashing amber light?
  27. Who is legally responsible for ensuring that a child under 14 is secured by a seat belt or child restraint?
  28. While driving on a motorway, you see a signal with flashing amber lights on the central reservation. This warning applies to
  29. You are travelling on the motorway. You have passed a fog warning sign with flashing amber lights. You will know that the fog alert has been lifted when
  30. Which of the following statements about large vehicles (such as buses and articulated lorries) is FALSE?
  31. When must you use your headlights during the day?
  32. Which way should you steer if you skid?
  33. How close can you follow another vehicle on the motorway in good driving conditions?
  34. You arrive at a level crossing with a flashing red signal. What must you do?
  35. Can you wait, load, unload, or park by a kerb with a single red line?
  36. Traffic has stopped in a tunnel. How close to the car in front should you stop?
  37. Your vehicle has broken down on a motorway. How should you place your warning triangle?
  38. Which of the following statements about motorcycles are true?
  39. You have been drinking heavily. Which of the following will help you sober up so you can drive?
  40. When may you drive with your fog lights on?
  41. You are approaching a pair of alternately flashing red lights. What should you do?
  42. You are permitted to flash your headlights
  43. How should you overtake a horse rider or horse-drawn carriage?
  44. When must you use your headlights?
  45. When can you use a hand-held mobile phone while driving?
  46. You arrive at a pelican crossing with a central island. Should you treat this as one crossing or two?
  47. Which of the following is NOT an important consideration when overtaking?
  48. If you are being dazzled by bright sunshine, what should you do?
  49. You are approaching a bend, but you are travelling too fast. When should you brake?
  50. What should you do at an amber traffic light?