✔ FREE Mock Theory Test Two 2015


Take our second FREE mock theory test and find out whether you are prepared for the DSA test. This 2nd practice test has the same structure as the actual DSA exam. You need to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly in order to pass. Each of the questions has 4 answers, only one of which is correct. While the real test has a time limit of 57 minutes, we do not use a timer here, because the main goal of this test is to help you get familiar with the DSA exam format.
If you feel that you’re not sure about the correct answer, simply click the Hint button (there’s one for every question). Please note though that there will be no hints on the real test -- they are only here to help you practise!
In case you provide a wrong answer, the system will display a box with a short explanation as to why your answer is wrong and which one is the right one. You can check your progress in the grid on the left: correct answers are marked with green, incorrect -- with red. Good luck!

Mock Theory Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:50
Answer correctly to pass:43
Passing score:86%
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