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BONUS: 2 Exclusive Cheat Sheets (350 Most Frequently Asked Theory Test Questions, 93 Most Complicated Theory Test Questions)

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Here's the problem: the average UK theory test pass rate is a terrible 49.5%

Let's be honest: theory test preparation has become needlessly complicated. We all start out with good intentions and study the Highway Code, but somewhere along the way, we get discouraged. There are just too many things to remember all at once - how do we know what we'll be tested on?

If you're serious about passing, you need a different approach.

We believe that people deserve to know what to expect on the DVSA exam so that they can prepare adequately. That's why we've created Premium, which is proven to dramatically increase your chances of passing by giving you a 65.5% more effective way to prepare. We've heard from thousands of recent test-takers who told us every little detail of how their theory exam went. That "insider" knowledge is at the heart of our powerful Premium program - now we can share it with you. Get Premium today, and we guarantee you'll pass.

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Our most popular Marathons are the ultimate way to prepare. Quiz yourself on every question for a level in one go to really test your knowledge.


DVSA Marathon

The Hardest Marathon is literally the hardest step. It contains all 155 questions from our Hardest mock tests, and will cycle through your missed questions until you answer each one correctly.

Find your weak spots and focus your studying

Missed questions are automatically stored in your Challenge Bank, showing you exactly what you need to review.

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"After putting in the time and really revising using the Premium service, I managed to get 48 out of 50 on my test. It was incredibly helpful to have access to the Harder questions on this site."
Reuben F.
Premium Member
"I was able to pass my car theory test in just one try. By completing all the mock tests I was able to be very well-prepared for the test. I highly recommend this website to anyone who is serious in getting their theory test passed."
Ming C.
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Progress is tracked across devices, and a handy "night mode" means late-night cramming sessions are easy on the eyes.


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Going 100% ad free means your tests load up to two times faster and your phone uses less data.


See how you compare to others

Community Stats show you how other drivers answered questions, and which ones most get wrong.

BONUS: Two Time-Saving PDF Cheat Sheets (£36 value)

Tired of aimlessly scanning through the Highway Code not knowing what the real exam will be like? These bite-sized, printable PDFs cover the trickiest questions you're likely to see on the exam day.

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350 Most Frequently Asked Theory Test Questions

93 Most Complicated Theory Test Questions

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Here's our promise. We'll guide you through every step so you'll know exactly what you need to study - nothing more, nothing less. When the big day comes, the exam will seem easy.

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Specific to UK Laws
Accurate, up-to-date questions based on the official Highway Code and traffic laws.
Updated for 2019
Don't study outdated material. We constantly update questions as laws change.
Authentic Format
Exam simulator mimics the experience of an actual DVSA theory test, pulling random questions from a huge database.
If you sign up for Premium and complete every mock test, we promise you a passing grade on your multiple choice theory test. If you fail, send a photo of your result and we'll refund you in full. Learn more.
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BONUS: 2 Exclusive Cheat Sheets (350 Most Frequently Asked Theory Test Questions, 93 Most Complicated Theory Test Questions)

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